Thursday, 8 April 2010

Coaching Andrew "Has Steve McClures Fingers" Barr!

This kid is something else guys! I don't know what planet he's from but wherever it is they must have some sick crimp training on the go because this lad hangs tiny edges like most of us hang handle bar jugs! The future of Scottish crimp fests are in his hands : P

Andrew Barr is one of the few kids I have been coaching for the past 6 months or so and he is by far one of the most promising young climbers I have ever seen in the scottish climbing scene! He has a natural talent for crimping (as I've already made clear) and with specific focus on the other aspects of his climbing, he could do some crazy stuff in the future! One thing that inspires me about Andrew is his hard work and determination, he isn't afraid to put the time and effort in and he reaps the results from it. Because of his attitude, I felt that he was ready to take a long term program to follow that would cover all aspects physically, mentally and technically in his training. The program lasts 24 weeks and is designed to peak him physically for the YCS Final in June and the BLCC's in October.

Its going to be hard but I believe he can do it! I had a session with him and his Dad last week to go over the first block of training and all the exercises he should be doing in them. He starts his first block on Monday, this first block is largely fitness orientated with a lot of lapping and keeping on a low level of forearm pump to work aerobic endurance, this will bring his fitness level up for the next block which will still be fitness orientated but focussed on more intense routes.


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